Missing graphs in Munin

9. januar 2013 af Mikkel Munch Mortensen

As some may have noticed, this site has been down for a while, only showing a database related error message. This is because I replaced my home server in August, but never finished moving everything from the old to the new server. I'm doing this tonight. And apart from restoring the database (yay, back online!), I also ventured into moving my Munin configuration and data.

I was trying to restore my old Munin data, although there would be quite a gap since last time any data was collected. Everything seemed to work just fine, except that the graphs were missing. They simply wasn't being generated.

All files were owned by the right users and stuff like that. And searching the interwebs didn't bring me any closer. That's why I'm writing this, hoping it will help cure someone else's headache.

Not knowing what to do, I finally took the time to look at the Munin log files, including munin-graph.log where I found this:

2013/01/09 20:41:28 [RRD ERROR] Unable to graph (...)/sda1-year.png : This RRD was created on another architecture

Aha! I didn't know the RRD files were architecture dependent. Will have to remember this when we advance from 64-bit computing.

And another important lesson learned (again, again): Always look in the log files!

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