Squeezebox notifications in Ubuntu

4. august 2013 af Mikkel Munch Mortensen

I've caught a cold and have been in bed all day. The internet connection at the hotel is not good enough for video streaming and the TV only shows crap movies/series and lots of sports. So, what to do then?

Well, I looked through my ever growing list of small coding projects to do whenever I have the time for it. And I decided to start working on "now playing" notifications in Ubuntu from my Squeezebox(es).

And after ~4 hours of work, I'm very satisfied with the result:


It notifies on pause/play and when the track changes.

Usually, at home, I'll just look at the display of the Squeezebox to see what track is playing. But at work I use a headless squeezeslave a lot, and having to go to the web interface to check out track info is suboptimal.

I hope to find some time to improve it further another day.

Code is available on GitHub.

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