I was promised cool artificial intelligence, but all I got was lousy marketing

I rarely use Skype for anything. But I keep it running in the background, as it serves as a backup channel of communication with my Ukrainian colleagues, in case there are problems with Slack.

This morning when I turned on my computer, I had a notification from Skype about unread messages. Not from a colleague, but from Bing. Who apparently sent me 5 messages.

Screenshot from the conversations list in Skype
Bing appearing in my list of conversations in Skype.

My first reaction was shaking my head. It's a typical Microsoft move to forcefully stuff one product into the other. But I also quickly got the suspicion that this was about their new AI based Bing chatbot. Which indeed turned out to be the case.

Screenshot from the conversations with the Bing AI Chatbot in Skype
The Bing chatbot offering its AI services in Skype.

The chatbot gave me a brief introduction to the wonders it had to offer and asked me how it could help me today.

I decided to partly play their game, and asked it nicely to just leave me alone. When pressing Enter to send my message, I wasn't able to. Instead I was presented with a popup offering me to join a waitlist to "receive emails from Microsoft Bing, which will include offers about Microsoft Rewards, and partner products."

Screenshot from the conversations with the Bing AI Chatbot in Skype and a popup shows up when I try to reply
When trying to reply to the Bing AI chatbot, I'm presented with a popup, vaguely indicating that the chatbot doesn't work (yet), instead offering me to sign up for marketing e-mails from Microsoft.

What a completely shitty user experience:

Boo, Microsoft! Fake door testing, riding on top of the dreadful AI hype wave, without actually providing me any of that promised AI.