Simone Silvestroni om selv at udgive og promovere sin musik

Simone Silvestroni (Minutes to Midnight) har skrevet et par blogposter om det at udgive et musikalbum på egen hånd tilbage i 2019. I del 2 forholder han sig til det at promovere sin musik online.

Jeg bider især mærke i hans kommentarer angående straming:

Despite my lack of love towards the streaming industry, I didn’t want to discard the idea because of my bias. In retrospect, I should have.


Something that truly bothered me was the fact that Spotify completed the commodification of music in a way that I couldn’t stand. Everyone kept repeating how good of a marketing tool for musicians it was. I could never see that. Spotify don’t tell you who your fans are, don’t allow fans to get in touch with you and surely isn’t interested in making indie music profitable.

Men også følgende om sociale medier er interessant:

In August 2020 I deleted my account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, cutting off usage and interactions on Spotify.


I think I might have actively promoted my music on Mastodon twice in a year, and yet the amount of feedback, comments, reviews, genuine interest and actual sales I got eclipsed the previous social networks combined. This time it was out of true interest, so I really appreciated it.