Positive revolutions

@requiem shares some thoughts:

So what I’m taking away from my more recent (1960’s) anarchist studies is that history tells us we really need to focus on how what we’re proposing will be good instead of focusing on what’s wrong with the way things are going otherwise.

This, more so than warnings or preaching against the status quo has more often led to spontaneous revolutions by autonomous individuals as opposed to the “coalition led” revolution myth.

I won’t belabor this (I can recommend some books) but what’s clear is that if we want a revolution that lasts and doesn’t just setup another tyranny our efforts today could be well-spent first dreaming and then building the future we want and doing this in public instead of simply pointing at what’s wrong and trying to motivate change through fear. That’s what “the machine” uses, and it’s better at maintaining the status quo than inspiring people to make changes.

I’ll be working hard to take my own advice.